A non-reactionary stance

Recently Wikileaks has been a source of much enlightenment.  While I still refer to Private Eye and the like for amusement and dirt on hacks, politicians and corrupt NGO’s, Wikileaks has been steadily leading the way in terms of conscious and non-inflammatory commentaries.  ‘Non inflammatory?’ I hear you say – well, yes actually.  The posts that I have read (despite criticism from from a number of well-respected sources) are informed, balanced and not providing any quick solutions, merely presenting self-informed understanding and individual inquiry.

The recent post by Carwin Biloquist, entitled ‘Wikileaks, Anti-Politics and the post-modern state’ is a good example.(http://wlcentral.org/node/1020 )

It is a essay on what revelations social upheaval leads to – what it is and what it isn’t.  We have references to post-Cold war eastern Bloc movements which are a reliable source of historical fact on totalitarian regimes and movements against these establishments.  We could easily see parallels between this and the current circumstances we are facing.  The most important single point I can see being made is in how we are unwise to make any claims of resolution within society or politics – instead seeing the use a system which is prone to corruption by its very nature is self-defeating.  Wise words indeed.  It is easy to make sweeping generalisations and define a hard and fast rule.  I must admit, I have been tempted to do so myself as it seems blatantly easy to point the finger, criticise the system and draw attention to an alternative.  Biloquist makes it clear there is no actual alternative other than the process.  It’s something I’ve received a shock of recognition of while reading.   Check it out!

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