Two very revealing documentaries…

Both of these documentaries are highly recommended.  They are essential viewing for anyone who wishes to inform themselves about the current shake up that is occurring against the United States of America’s government and advocate governments in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Firstly ‘The Trials of Henry Kissinger’ is a brilliant expose of this truly despicable genius.  This movie exposes the US government as  having no interest in letting the USA join the international tribunal on human rights and war criminals (Bill Clinton signed the document during his presidency but it wasn’t ratified.  The proposals were then rolled back when George Bush Jr. took over as president  We can only presume that this is because they know what it will lead to…

Next up is John Pilger’s ‘The War you don’t See’.  It shows the manipulation that the media undergoes in order to achieve political goals.  Once again, it is amazing that we have not seen the repercussions of this documentary in society – demanding that our governments make themselves accountable for what crimes against humanity they have committed.

The War You Don’t See

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