Political system benefits from voting public’s short-term memory surprise-shock!

At thetruthhurts we’ve gone all tabloid and sensationalist.


The shocking truth behind an unsuspecting public’s lack of ability to concentrate for long periods of time, develop an ability to take some responsibility for incompetence by it’s masters and redeem itself by virtue of intelligence!



“what’s that – a zombie?”       “Naa, can’t be.  Look, he’s turning out to vote”


While we are busy watching this political pantomime play out, it would be useful to revise some political truths that have been overlooked by the masses over the years.


Labour – 1994

When the rest of the population over 30 look back at Major’s last Tory government leaving power, we can vaguely remember a brief moment of positivity in politics.

Labour were about to come to power with the  plain speaking John Smith.  Then leader of the Labour party, he had only just been in opposition for 2 years.  There were a large number of the voting public who could no longer stand the privatisation and dissection of the British public services and infrastructure.  Discontent was growing over the PFI scheme which, under Major, was a total betrayl of the government over foundation services which were paid for by our forefathers blood and sweat.

Sale of British Rail outrage


In legal terms – politics had been in tandem with certain altruistic social schemes – such as Atlee’s NHS and the other post-war gestures.  This gave the politicians no right to sell off these important artefacts of civilisation.

One key reason for the PFI fiasco was the fact that politicians didn’t know the first thing about public services so they were being ripped off left, right and centre by base greed and thievery.  Advisory boards, nepotism and consultancy firms (plus the big contract holders) creamed all they could off the public funds available to keep the services running.  In the end it wasn’t enough.



Old Labour to New Labour


in 1994 labour party interest was growing and many could sense a change coming.  Smith seemed to be the man for the job and many hoped that there would be a political system that would stand up to the rigours of the wolves and hyenas which lay waiting at the common market ground.  In 1994 he suffered a heart attack and after a brief spell with Margaret Beckett, Tony Blair took over as leader of the Labour party.


A most unsuitable candidate

Just like  the Romans, decadence and complacency reduced the rulers ability to see the truth and run systems competently.

And now we are back with the Tories.

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